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As Currently Organized since 1892; Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's.

Utah Beekeepers' Conventions

The Utah Beekeepers' Association hosts an annual convention for its members of all skill levels. This is a great place to learn the ins and outs of beekeeping from the pros. All association members are welcome and encouraged to attend. These meetings are generally held in the Salt Lake area during the winter months. Association membership is required to attend and is offered at no charge to paid-up members. Having your beekeeper's license is good, but it doesn't give you membership in the Association or participation in our conference.

The next convention will be on Feb 19-20, 2021 online via Zoom (link to be provided after registration). To register for the 2021 convention, pay your dues first, then go to here to register for the event. (Note: If you get a message that says, "Event registration is not available", that means that you have not paid your dues.)

Click here to see the agenda.

Our exciting 2021 speakers include:

  • Dr. Thomas Seeley, Professor in Biology Emeritus at Cornell University, His works include Honeybee Ecology (1985), The Wisdom of the Hive (1995), Honeybee Democracy (2010), Following the Wild Bees (2016), and The Lives of Bees (2019).
  • Randy Oliver (Scientific Beekeeping), entomologist, researcher, and commercial beekeeper. His works are published in the American Bee Journal nearly every month.  His research proves or disproves the efficacy of a wide variety of beekeeping practices.
  • Ian Steppler (Canadian Beekeeper's Blog). third-generation farmer and long-time commercial beekeeper in the harsh climate of Manitoba, Canada. He has a very popular YouTube channel where he shares his experiences and knowledge. 
  • Greg Burns of Nature’s Image Farms
  • DW Shoenthal of Blue Green Horizons.
  • Joey Caputo, Stephen Stanko, and Dave Basinger of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

2020 convention speakers included David Burns (Colony Management), Richard Homer (Backyard beekeeper to Commercial Beekeeper), Rebecca Nielsen (Bottling and Labeling Your Honey), and Joey Caputo and Steve Stanko of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

2019 convention speakers included Mel Disselkoen (On-the-Spot queen-rearing); Scott Brady (An update on the phages for treatment of Foulbrood); Katharina Davitt (Waxmoth, Yellow Jackets); Peter Somers (Why colonies disappear); Deric Despain (Research in winter feeding).

2018 convention speakers included Dr. Meghan Milbrath of the Michigan State University Department of Entomology; James Rehm of Smoot Honey; Joey Caputo of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food; James Stoddard, Commercial Beekeeper, Bob Newswander, Commercial Beekeeper; and Blaine Nay, County Bee Inspector for Iron County.

2017 convention speakers included Dr. Keith Delaplane of the University of Georgia; Stephen Coy, Russian Bee Breeders Association; Diana Cox-Foster, USDA-ARS Pollinating Insect Research Unit; Ed Irvine, USDA; Bob Newswander, Utah Commercial Beekeeper; and Roger Stephenson, Utah Commercial Beekeeper.

Click here for items from past conventions.

Other organizations with upcoming conventions of possible interest to Utah beekeepers:

Michigan Beekeepers Assn Spring Conference, March 3-6, 2021, Online

Missouri State Beekeepers Spring Conference, March 13, 2021, Online

Florida Bee College, Each Saturday in March, 2021, Online

Western Apicultural Society, Jul 8-10 2021, Missoula, MT

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