Utah Beekeepers' Association

As Currently Organized since 1892; Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's.
Mission Statement: Our aim is to keep beekeepers in the state of Utah informed about what is happening in the industry; to promote beekeeping and honey production for all Commercial, Sideliner and Hobbyist Beekeepers.

President's Message

Fellow beekeeper and past Association board member Lee Knight and his family have suffered a tragic loss in the accidental death of their son Maximus.

Obituary: www.springerturner.com/obituaries/Maximus-Charles-Knight

GoFundMe to help with medical and funeral expenses: www.gofundme.com/f/the-knight-family-medical-and-funeral-expenses


Our 2023 Summer Beekeeping workshop on August 5 in Delta, Utah was a great success. The feedback indicates strong interest in doing this every year in addition to our traditional winter conference.

The next annual conference of the Utah Beekeepers' Association is planned for February 23-24, 2024 at Hyatt Place Hotel Cottonwood (3090 E 6200 S, Salt Lake City). The hotel is again discounting rooms ($165) for this conference. Call 801-890-1280 to reserve your room and ask for the Utah Beekeepers' discount.


Cornell University has one of the premier Master Beekeeper programs in the world. Participants learn about

  • Honey bee evolution, biology, and behavior
  • Managing pests and diseases
  • The science and art of beekeeping
  • The rewards and contributions of beekeeping

The program includes

  • Master Beekeeping written exam (may be done remotely)
  • Master Beekeeping oral exam (may be done remotely)
  • Master Beekeeping field exam (may be done remotely)

The Bee Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting bees, safeguarding the environment, and securing food justice through community-based education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. They are offering a scholarship to Cornell University’s Master Beekeeper Certification program beginning February 2024 as well as mentorship from their certified master beekeepers. This program is geared towards beekeepers with a minimum of three years of experience managing hives, whose work with bees helps to advance environmental stewardship, community resilience, and/or food security. The goal is to help beekeepers get the ongoing training they need to support healthy hives and ecosystems. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 12/2/23. Find the application here.

Happy Beekeeping, Brian Stephenson

President, Utah Beekeepers Association

Association Officers and Staff

President    Brian Stephenson 2022-2023 435-691-1976 
Past President    Jared Taylor 2019-2022    435-619-3005 
President Elect    Richard Homer 2024-2026 801-860-7715
Director    Sinead McSweeney    2022-2023    801-360-4585


Glade Sessions    2022-2024    435-622-6261
DirectorSeth Homer  2023-2025 801-884-9197
Treasurer    Doug Hawkes    Appointed    801-599-9801  
Webmaster    Blaine Nay    Appointed    435-590-7569  

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